We’re getting a puppy!

Bob and I just were approved for a puppy! From a small breeder in Arkansas who has English Cream golden retrievers and who really seems to care about health and personality.

Approved for a puppy. These days, people regularly wait as long as a year or more for a great puppy from a reputable breeder. This litter was born at the end of June and we got lucky that someone with a ‘reservation’ for a male puppy had to cancel at the last minute.

Right now, it’s a little scary and very exciting. We’re scheduled to visit the breeder to choose a puppy in early August, then back in late August to pick the little fellow up and bring it home. Symeon has volunteered to help us pick out the right puppy and also to advise us on the best ways to introduce the new puppy to our other, much older pups, Jasper and Tonya. Around now, people who know me as part of the animal rescue community are probably asking, “Buying? Not adopting? What gives?”  All I have is a one-word answer, “Chipper”. As I’ll explain in the next post.

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