Bringing a puppy into our home hasn’t been easy.

Our new puppy, Chase, is gradually being introduced to our older dogs Jasper and Tonya. So far, so good, but we’re taking it very slowly.

In particular, we’re being careful with Jasper, our 13-year old Great Pyrenees mix. He’s a sweet dog with people, but occasionally can be aggressive towards other dogs. Obviously, we don’t want the puppy to get in his personal space, or try to grab a prized bone away from him. That requires extra work and an enclosed play pen when we can’t supervise them.

Over the years, I’ve managed to bring a number of adopted dogs into my ‘pack’ at home. It works best to introduce them on neutral territory and then integrate them slowly over days, weeks or even months depending on the personalities involved. Be cautious, especially around food, and if you need help, our trainer Symeon is absolutely amazing at helping with issues like this.

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