Personalized Dog Training

Relationships take work and training is a great place to start. Meet our expert trainer, Symeon Robins—he has a deep knowledge of breeds and a knack for fostering trust and better communication.  Typically, lessons start with basic obedience and leash training, but can also work on solving specific concerns and behavioral issues.

Simple needs can be addressed with a 30 minute lesson for $40. More in depth issues might require a full 60 minute lesson for $60.

To arrange a time, call Chipper & Coco at 601-487-1596. Please call 3 days in advance to arrange your first lesson.

Training class schedules

Compassionate training that gets results.

Symeon works with dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds to help you achieve your training goals. Lessons range from basic obedience, to correcting rude behavior, to specialized instruction for owners interested in hunting or sport. His  approach is customized for each dog’s particular personality and breed, but always with the goal to make training fun.




Puppies should be over 16 weeks with all vaccinations.  Symeon is also available for consultations to answer questions and discuss special issues and needs.