Can your puppy entertain himself?

I’m a firm believer in spending as much time as possible with your pup to socialize, exercise and just have fun. But let’s be real—you can’t be available 24/7 and sometimes your puppy is going to have alone time. That’s where a welcoming space and lots of fun toys come in. You want to help your puppy learn how to amuse herself sometimes without always depending on you for company.

Interactive toys that squeak or move around are great for puppies. So are safe, long-lasting chews or chew toys that are stuffed with cheese or peanut butter deep inside.

Our pup, Chase, has an open wire play pen attached to a kennel to give enough space for play but enough confinement to discourage peeing in the corner.

Again, play as much as you can—but also make sure to train your puppy to be self-sufficient when you’re not there.

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